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    Coach Derrick Gargis

    Video Testimonial from Coach Derrick Gargis

    Coach Derrick Gargis: Retired MuscleShoals High School Golf Coach, 5 Time AHSAA State Golf Championship Coach including a 3-Peat in 2017-2018 and 2019. National High School Golf Association Coach of the Year, Alabama High School Athletic Association Coach of the Year sits down with Coach K to discuss how GAMECHANGER Performance Coaching was a game changer in their recruiting process.

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    Cameron Bonner


    “GAMECHANGER and Coach K were extremely helpful to me and my parents. We had no idea what we needed to do in the recruiting process and Coach K simplified it for us, helped me set goals, and gave us direction. For me, it was more than just my golf. I
    was a late bloomer and really started playing well right before my senior season. GAMECHANGER and Coach K helped me create a web resume, a good email template for coaches, and prepared me to start making contact. Coach K has so many resources to make you feel comfortable about the process. He always checked on us during the process, stayed in touch after I was recruited, and has always considered us a part of his FAMILY. I think the big plus was that he is selective about who he works with, that makes for a FAMILY type atmosphere, and he gives it that personal touch. With all the big recruiting services, you’re just a number. I am very grateful to have Coach K help me in the process. I would recommend GAMECHANGER and Coach K to anyone wanting to play collegiate golf.”

    Cameron Bonner: West Florida High School C/O 2018, University of West Florida 2023 Alumni – 2 Time Gulf South All-Conference
    Selection / 2021 Golf Coaches Association of America All-South Regional Selection.

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    Morgan Messer

    “GAMECHANGER and Coach K were awesome for my family and I during my recruiting journey. His knowledge and resources help you feel confident that you are heading in the right direction. A big thing for me was the attention he gives you, anytime you need anything
    you know he will be there to help you. Coach K has helped my game so much, on and off the golf course, especially with course management and tournament preparation. Another thing that attracted my family and I, is that Coach K is a Godly man, and confident and bold in his faith. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to start their recruiting journey.”

    Morgan Messer: Muscle Shoals High School C/O 2023, Blue Mountain Christian University Incoming Freshman

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    Sam Gargis


    “The biggest thing during the recruiting processis that it’s easy to fly under the radar and hard to gain exposure with the coaches you are targeting. This was causing coaches to overlook me in the process. GAMECHANGER and Coach K had the willingness and knowledge to help me, and my family overcome that roadblock in my recruiting process. Once we started using their consulting and web service, we began to get immediate responses from the coaches we were contacting. It sounds cliché but like my dad said, when we started using Coach K, it was a Gamechanger in my recruiting journey. If you’re looking for the perfect person to lead you on your recruiting journey, Coach K and GAMECHANGER can help lead you to where you are meant to be. He is a firm believer that God opens the doors, we just have to walk through them. I would recommend Coach K and GAMECHANGER because it’s not about the money to him, its about
    building relationships and the personal attention he gives his student-athletes”.

    Sam Gargis: MuscleShoals High School C/O 2020, U of North Georgia / Stephen F. Austin Transfer